Sakura Filter Product Range

Air Filter

Is most vital in keeping the contamination out of the intake system. It prevents contaminated air from being mixed with the fuel before entering the combustion chamber.*

Oil Filter

Provide clean lubricant oil in the engine, thus reducing premature wear and tear in all frictional parts. Sakura Filter offer optimum filtration by providing high efficiency filtration. Clean oil provides good sealing between pistons and cylinders for maximum fuel economy.*

Fuel Filter

Keep the intake system clean. Clean fuel will prolong the life span of the injector and maintain higher fuel efficiency.*

Cabin Air Filter

Protect passengers from airborne contaminants, such as pollen, bacteria, dust and smog. In heavy equipment it helps improve the air conditioning and air quality providing the user better awareness and health.*

Transmission Filter

Modern transmissions are required to process great torque, operate smoothly and function more reliably. Sakura Transmission Filter make sure the transmission fluid is clean and the transmission box clogg free for better performance.*

Racing Air Filter
Provide the highest quality to increase the engine performance (horse power and torque) with the ability to capture more dust, and more efficient. Clean the filter every 5.000 km depending on conditions and driving habits, visit for detail.

Coolant Filter
Design for cooling system protection and durability against corrosion.*

Hydraulic Filter

Provides protection and prolong the life span by keeping the hydraulic system clean.*

Air / Oil Separator Filter
Sakura_Air_Oil Separator_HeavyDuty
Removes residual oil from the air on the out line of compressor to enhance machine life.*

Fuel Filter / Water Separator
Remove water contamination to ensure clean fuel is delivered to the engine. Fuel Filter/Water Separators provide effective protection for engines used in automotive, industrial and marine applications.*
Industrial Filter
Sakura Filters offers a wide range of EDM / Wirecut Filters to optimized performance of the machine system.*
Others Filter
Sakura Filters also provide filtration products such as:

  •  Blow-by Gas Filters,
  •  Dielectric Fluids Filters,
  •  Dust Collector,
  •  and many more to complete the full range of applications.

* Replaced as per OE manufacturer’s recommendation